Thursday, April 27, 2006

2006 NFL DRAFT Update

2004, I picked both the Bills and Falcons picks correctly (first round)

2005, Falcons had a 1st round pick and the Bills began in the 2nd round

Buffalo Bills

(needs in my opinion in this order)


Screw the OL sucks comments, your ability to run the ball wears down defenses, makes your OL stats better,

Now that Marv is on the scene be prepared for a return of the 3rd and long draw play, and 8-10 screen passes a game

I was certain that the Bills would take a CB with the 55th pick last year, they didn’t further aggravating, they took a diminutive WR, then in the third round picked a TE from the same college, Miami U, I gave Donahoe too much credit, he was drafting to save his job, well Roscoe Parrish broke his wrist played only a third of the season, Everett tore his ACL in minicamp, non contact drills.

This year, I will guarantee, that they do not do this again; they will not take a player from a Floridian college.

If, (big if) Hawk is available, they will not be able to write his name on the card quick enough. They WILL take him,

Something tells me that they will be looking for a defensive back


Option 1 (if available) AJ Hawk

Option 2 Michael Huff (team leader, good character, good Marv guy) great replacement for Milloy and I bet he tackles much better than Lawyer

Option 3 (if Lienart or Vince Young is available) trade out to some team that wants them (unless option 1 available) move down and draft Bobby Carpenter, LB Ohio State and get an extra pick

Ok nailing me down to one pick,

Michael Huff DB Texas

Second Round Bonus: upset special, they go for a Running Back I don’t know who will be around but I know that Marv LOVES a capable backup to his star RB (think Kenneth Davis)

Atlanta Falcons

(needs in my opinion in this order)


Rich McKay is perhaps the best GM in the league,

There DL is stout,

John Abraham, Patrick Kerney, Rod Coleman are all All Pro’s they have 3 other good DT to rotate in and another solid backup DE

LB are pretty good as well, when MLB Hartwell got hurt they could no longer stop the run, hence their crappy finish, esp b/c the backup MLB was hurt in the preseason, so Brooking had to move in the middle where he is just too small to be effective. But every team is screwed when you have 2 season ending injuries to the same position.

Basically, McKay is great at drafting defensive players, (see Tampa Bay and Atlanta) they do not draft until the 47th pick cause they traded their #1 for John Abraham and the 93rd overall.

Just a huge random guess here

Well first of all they still should have taken Barnes, 13 games at starter as a tackle, was available when they picked, big mistake.

This year,

Eric Winston, OT, Miami

Kelly Jennings, CB, Miami

One of these 2 will be their pick if both are available they will take Jennings


Friday, April 22, 2005

NFL Draft 2005

Last year I correctly nailed both the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills draft picks, (see blog post 4/23/2004)

Where I said that the Falcons would take Deangelo Hall and the Bills would take Lee Evans with their forst picks.

It is going to be much harder this year because the Falcons pick 27th overall and the Bills pick first in the second round 55th overall, if I go 2/2 again I may have to really consider being a draft-nik and start my own cable television NFL insider program.

Atlanta Falcons
I do not see them being big time movers and shakers in this years draft. I would be surprised if they moved up any picks, if anything they might trade out of round 1 for extra picks in the later rounds or extra picks next year which they say will be a much better draft overall in terms of talent. This is the year that they protect their 110 million dollar investment Michael Vick.
I say they go offense, specifically offensive tackle and take
Khalif Barnes OT, Washington (if available) Their wide receivers are fine, they will be better when Vick looks for them downfield, Their wide receivers are fine, they will be better when Vick looks for them downfield

They will take care of the Defensive line in the later rounds

Buffalo Bills
Forget about MIke Mularky or Ralph Wilson, This is Tom Donahoe's team, THe best thign about Tom Donahoe is that he never allows any of his teams (steelers in the 90's bill's in the 00's) to be dependent on any one player to blow the salary cap because they are so valuable. THey knew Travis Henry was going to have high demands when he rushed for back to back 1300 yards, they knew he would not be worth the money so they drafted McGahee, Sayonara Travis. This year they are going to draft a cornerback with their first pick, why? Nate Clements is in his contract year great player but not elite, which is what he is going to want in his new contract. Elite money. They will draft a Corner to put some pressure on the negotiations and to have a solid backup plan.
Although confident about the position the pick is difficult because it is late in the second round, I will guess Marlin JAckson CB Michigan He may be available then, Don't be surprised by a trade back into Round 1 or early 2 possibly including Travis Henry in the deal to get a higher rated CB.

well lets see if I can get it right 2 years in a row


Friday, April 08, 2005

!!!TIMES UP!!!

Baby, where are you? You are running late, It is time you join the family, there is way more room out here to squirm and squiggle around, there are so many people anxious to meet you, I am impatiently waiting.


Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mitch Hedberg

Just found out the man died this week. They say from a drug overdose.

I had the opportunity to see him three times in Columbus OH, Pittsburgh PA, Buffalo NY
Each time it seemed like he was deteriorating a little bit more. In pittsburgh we were really close to the stage and noticed some serious trembling. His comedy was completely based on timing and wit and an internal rhythm. Unfortunately the more the man drank and did drugs the more away from his routine he got.

By far my favorite comedian, very, very sad and unfortunate that he has left us.

Some of my favorite jokes

I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it."

"I was at this casino minding my own business and this guy came up to me and said your gonna have to move you're blocking a fire exit. As if there were a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you are flamable and have legs you are never blocking a fire exit."

"Alocholism, is a disease, but it's the only disease that you can get yelled at for having. Dammit Otto, your an alcoholic. Dammit Otto, you have Lupus. One of those two doesn't sound right."


Monday, February 21, 2005

After further consideration

I am very blessed to be able to have one work day a week that I will be able to take off to be with my child when he/she is born. It is not babysitting since I believe that it is impossible to babysit your own child. The day that I will be taking off is funday.

You have heard of that day right?

It is right after Monday and immediately before Wednesday.

Sunday, Monday, Funday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Screwed over by bad planning in my dreams

This morning I was dreaming that I was at a fish fry but they were running behind in the delivery of the fish to the tables. My fish fry finally comes, I put the tartar sauce on it and bam. My dumb cat wakes me up so I can pet her.

Moral of the story.
Never bring someone with retractable claws to a fish fry.
I better get a fish fry pronto


Monday, February 14, 2005

Raymour & Flanigan - Amherst NY

What ever happened to the days when cash was king?

I wanted the title of this post to be the name of the assailant, hopefully I can make it onto a google search for that store.
Ok rarely do I post about specific incidences in my life or specific stories, but frequently I am annoyed by companies, restaurants, taking advantage of customers.

I am ferociously trying to steer my life away from credit terms and agreements, running my life on plastic so I can become part of the demographic, so I can get more relevant targeted sales calls, junk mail. Really it is nobody's business that yesterday I went from FWS to Raymour & Flanigan to Ashley Furniture to Don Pablos to Barnes & Noble and got Gas on the way home (not from the Mexican but petrol for my car, har har) However each one of these stores wanted to quickly determine what kind of line of credit they could give my wife and I. It is not that I have things to hide it is just that some things unnecessarily become the public domain.

STRONG OUT OF PLACE TANGENT HERE****************************************

Beware of 100% electronic medical records, GWBush "no one will have access to these records without your expressed written permission," Ok Tommy I really want to hire you for this office job, I just need you to sign this paperwork that allows us to run a drug test and credit / criminal background check (done today) and for you to sign this medical release (to come) . WE cannot consider this application without you signing this, Sorry Tommy the records say that you have a disqualifying medical condition, we cannot hire anyone who has been on antidepressants for 2+ years continuously, statistics reveal that you are 28% more likely to be 43% more inefficient at work. Oh and when you were 17 you were treated for a low back injury, our workers compensation carrier does not allow us to hire anyone who has had a low back injury in the last 14 years.

I can see the info message ad right now,

When you pay cash for items, you are supporting terrorist. Why, because we cannot track you that way. You must have something to hide.

Strangely enough I just talked to this with my sister. Bargain Hunter??

What a great way to get kids hooked on credit cards. Brilliant, everyone hopes for the trump card in the game "rich uncle pays off your credit debt now" I have not played that game in 15 years at least and I would bet money that is exactly how that card reads. Hey what do we get Billy for his birthday oh I have a great idea, a gift card. Please do me a favor, give me the equivalent amount of money in a card and save yourself the trip. Lets get kids hooked on plastic.
There used to be another equally evil training device for Americas Youth,

I return to the story now.

So with baby on the way Mr. Dad (typing dad in reference to myself, that is very strange indeed) begins to think "what can a husband do to even approach the magnitude of the gift that your wife is going to give you and the 9 moths of physical and emotional sacrifice" So I decide that nothing equals that but I will save up some resources but considering that we both will be home much more after the baby comes and people will be coming over to visit.
Ah a new furniture set, that will be nice.

We found a beautiful microfiber couch and love seat set at
Raymour & Flanigan - Amherst NY chocolate brown very nice. Ok the price is appox 700 couch 600 loveseat. With the "extended service plan" and "delivery" total before tax is about 1500. So the nice woman sits on the couch with myself and wife to begin discussing prices. Her sitting on the couch triggers the sales delivery process or herding in the cattle, whatever you want to call it. She now becomes "good sales woman" she says "well in discussing payment options I will direct you with one of our credit counselors, Oh how great here he comes now" to be known as bad sales man (you know the good cop bad cop routine) accountant looking guy wearing a power suit carrying a brief case trying to be as intimidating as possible. He sits on the couch now (to be on our eye level) and starts punching in numbers and adds the totals for everything and gives us the added amounts. Wow you can add numbers with decimal places, you are a smart man bad sales guy who works at Raymour & Flanigan - Amherst NY. He says we can work on pricing only if you apply for a store line of credit.
My wife says with perfect comedic timing "When did
it start being a bad thing to pay for things with cash?" He then goes into his schtick about <1%> So his "deal" became boiled down to we wile give you delivery and the service contract for free if you pay full price for the furniture and open a line of credit in our store. Total 1300. I sit there calm as can be and basically tell him we are comfortable paying 1000 for both no service contract, no delivery needed. (basically 20-25% off the retail price that is already marked up 200%, ) He says "Have a nice day then, good luck finding that" we walked out. Today online microfiber couches are on clearance at > 40% the original retail cost, you can be damned sure that they are still making a nice profit on them. 1000 for both still would have been 100% profit, but they did not care, why is that?
Now to me the next logical question is, when did negotiation and paying cash become a bad thing? Because people feel compelled (myself included) to get what you want, when you want it and who cares how I am paying for it. The negotiations now have become what kind of financing terms can I get, not why are you marking up this item anywhere from 200-400% of your costs, they have no incentive to change this negotiation patterns because there were probably 8 other people after me that were more than thrilled to pay their suggested retail price for the item.
Fair enough.

Ok so in the past 2-3 months I have watched 2 excellent television documentaries on PBS that have really changed, evolved and confirmed my overall perspective on money finances etc.
Affluenza (link) (link) 2 separate pages.
history of credit cards (link)


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